Hugo's Story

Our little fighter; Hugo the Brave

In June 2022, following routine vaccination boosters, 7 year old Hugo started to develop smelly wounds and fur loss, now understood to be Calcinosis Cutis - the accumulation of calcium salt crystals in his body. These extensive deposits  caused him to lose fur and develop sore ulcerated lesions, all over his body including on his neck, back, face, and legs - his fragile immune systems has  been consistently fighting off bacterial infections, as a result.

After lots of tests, in July 2022 Veterinary experts revealed  that Hugo has a Tumor on his Pituatary Gland, and that the growth of this tumor is causing an over production of cortisone in Hugo’s body, and this has lead to the development of Cushings Disease. 

Sadly, due to it's location in the brain, the Tumor remains inoperable. However treatment of Cushings Disease is possible to make Hugo more comfortable.

Getting a Diagnosis of this condition has been a complicated and lengthy process, and we will soon surpass the limit for Insurance Cover. Therefore, for the time being Hugo’s Pawtisserie will be crowdfunding, and welcoming donations in place of payment, for Treats and Cakes.

With your help, we hope Hugo will continue to live his best life, for as long as possible.

£10 could buy saline to clean Hugo's wounds. £30 could buy a special shampoo to help his itchy skin. £63 will pay for around 1 month's worth of DMSO Gel to treat his skin. £83 will pay for around 1 month's worth of Chemotherapy to treat Cushing's Disease. £131 will pay for around 1 month's worth of antibiotics to help prevent infection inside his skin.

Thank you for your support, love and understanding at this difficult time.

Lots of love, Hugo and his family







How you can help:

Show your support, help us raise funds for Hugo's Treatment, by making a donation, ordering a cake, buying a bag or advent calendar. Thank you 

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